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Generation 2 MtG cards, part 3

2011-05-12 01:36:35 by Tome89

And one for good health.

Generation 2 MtG cards, part 3

Generation 2 MtG cards, part 2

2011-05-12 01:28:28 by Tome89

One more. I hope it makes sense.

Generation 2 MtG cards, part 2

Generation 2 MtG cards, part 1

2011-05-12 00:43:39 by Tome89

Yeah I thought this one was clever.

The 4chan logo is an irrelevant artifact at this point, but I'll stick to it for now.

Generation 2 MtG cards, part 1

Rigged and Ready

2010-01-14 07:10:23 by Tome89

Finally, after three years of wishing. I'm so fucking happy right now...

Except i still need double-A's for the second Wiimote.

Rigged and Ready


2009-05-10 13:29:12 by Tome89

I can it.


Look what I got!

2009-04-21 11:19:34 by Tome89

It's sweet!

Look what I got!

I've ordered

2008-10-14 09:23:16 by Tome89

one of these.

I've ordered

Better Solution

2008-04-25 10:19:30 by Tome89

Seven months have passed, and finally the reconfiguration has taken place. Enjoy ^^

Better Solution

4chan cards, part 4 - A few creature types

2008-04-06 14:01:21 by Tome89

4chan MtG is largely tribal, with many creature types (or stereotypes, rather) unique to it.
In alphabetical order:

Bishoujo - All colors, but few black. Varied functions, some of which are based on their toughness (boob size) as today's card suggests.

Cat - All colors, mainly green. Small critters, very varied in functionality.

Desu - Red-green aggro stormers. Based on strength in numbers and exploatation of it.

Emo - Guess the color... Not very numerous, but a good variety of abilities triggered upon damage reception and destruction.

Furry - Mainly green, often very conditional... Always some animal type in addition.

Hentai - Mainly white, black and green. White and green Hentai are mostly Bishoujo with lifegain in mind, while black Hentai, often Monsters, offer a real horrorshow, particularly against Bishoujo.

Loli - Mainly green and white, weenies as the name suggests. Weak in combat but good with protection, prevention and overall diplomacy.

Mecha - Tough artifact creatures.

Otaku - Mainly blue. Revolves around draw, peek, reorder and artifacts.

Pedo - Anti/Pro-Loli. Most of them are Bears in addition. Y'know.

Pokémon - Yay! All colors of course, although many of them are blue. U GEZ'D IT TIS TEH MUDKIPS

Yaoi - All colors. Good cards with the down-side that they make it difficult to play anything non-Yaoi.

Yuri - Bishoujo exploiters and traitors. All colors.

4chan cards, part 4 - A few creature types

You know these. They're from Azumanga Daioh.

This is a Cat creature, another major creature type in the 4chan set. They're very characteristic, and span over all five colors, although mainly green. Some of them are anime creatures, others are ordinary ones. Wait - what's the difference? Well anime cards work just like their ordinary counterparts, although anime sorceries, instants and enchantments may have creature types. Anime itself is not a creature type. Neither is another, basicly identical card type: meme. There are also anime meme cards, which work as either or both.

Sooo this is Piranha Cats. It has two new key abilities, Empowerment and Pack.

Empowerment is an ability that makes cards cheaper to play if you use the right mana. Piranha Cats' empowerment makes it ideal in a monogreen Cat deck as a trampling 3/3 for three mana, while not making it too useless in multicolored decks. The ability plays a major role in deck construction. Also, cards aren't necessarily empowered by the color it is. There are cards that, for example, misplace color-specific functions for a high original price (for example red counterers, bouncers and draws, empowered by blue).

The other ability this card presents is Pack. The explaination text on the card should fill you in. As you may guess, Desu use this ability more than any other creature type to gain bonuses.

... The picture is so adorable...

4chan cards, part 3 - Cats, Empowerment and Pack